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Sitronics KT to introduce an automated system for generation and transmission of electronic ship navigation charts

Sitronics KT, member of the Sitronics Group, won an open tender contract to develop a comprehensive automated system that will update electronic navigation charts and transmit them to ships belonging to entities subordinate to the Federal Agency of Marine and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot).

Under this contract the company will supply custom software and hardware to establish two levels of cartographic centers, including one regional and eleven basin centers for local Administrations of the Inland Waterways Basins. The basin centers will also receive an infrastructure for remote transmission of electronic navigational charts (ENCs). The system delivery is scheduled to be completed by November 2023.

The regional center records and accumulates digital cartographic information, checks legal compliance of ENCs, updates ENCs submitted to the industry center, which has been established earlier at the Federal State Facility Moscow Canal.

A basin center is necessary for planning, monitoring, collection, recording and accumulation of the initial digital information about navigation, and hydrographic and geodetic conditions in the basin. It is also used for ENCs generation and correction. The acquired data will be transmitted to the Regional Center for the ENCs verification and amendment.

The infrastructure for remote ENCs transmission is designed to give vessels online access to information resources for each basin. It also provides a communication channel between a vessel and the shore that transmits data from the vessel to the onshore digital services and back to ships for timely data exchange, ENCs updates and other information resources.

“Large-scale implementation of the automated system for acquisition and online transmission of updated electronic navigation charts will be a quantum leap in the speed with which cartographic information is updated and transmitted. Navigators will be able to promptly obtain up-to-date navigation charts and all the necessary corrections. This way, we’ll be able to take the ship navigation safety to a whole new level,” commented Andrey Rodionov, CEO of Sitronics KT.

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