Sitronics Group 
facilitates import substitution and digital transformation

Our objective is to provide for the sustainable functioning
IT infrastructure and  development of information security systems for government and  business

for your business

Audit of current status and risk assessment
Risk elimination in infrastructure functioning and servicing
Servicing and  technical support for the products of domestic and international
24/7 technical support
Guaranteed SLA
Flexible costs (customised service package)
One-stop shop access to products and solutions of various vendors
Development of an import substitution strategy and a plan for gradual transition to domestic solutions
Introduction of integrated infrastructure projects based on domestic products and solutions
Construction of data centres: from individual elements to turnkey projects
Migration of data arrays on foreign cloud platforms to a local cloud-based or physical infrastructure

Sitronics Group supplies its own hardware in various configurations to support IT infrastructure and information systems operation

Security of your
systems is our area
of expertise

Where to start?
Analysis of the security of the external perimeter and internal infrastructure
Analysis of the security of mobile applications
Analysis of the security of wireless networks
What do you get?
Assessment of resistance to DDoS attacks, including load testing
Proposals for redundancy of existing security facilities using domestic equivalents
Prompt replacement of imported equipment with products available for ale within the Russian Federation, if necessary

Sitronics Group supplies its own hardware in various configurations to support IT infrastructure and information systems operation


Power supply system (UPS, DGU, DSB, DRUPS)

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), diesel generator units, distribution switchboards, rotor dynamic UPS, cabling products, workstations.

Ventilation and air conditioning

Plenum and exhaust ventilation, wall-mounted split air conditioning units, precision and adiabatic air conditioning systems.

Structured cabling systems,
including intelligent SCS

Full-scale constellation of communication cables and cross-connect hardware meeting the regulatory requirements. Includes a set of cables and switching elements, and the method of their joint use enabling to generate regular extensible communication structures in various-purpose local area networks.

Automatic fire alarm

Automatic fire alarm systems.

Public address and evacuation management system

Visual and voice evacuation system.

Automatic gas fire extinguishing

Fire extinguishing system for normally unattended spaces. The operating principle is based on deoxygenation.

Video surveillance, video analytics

Infrastructural solutions for video surveillance and video analytics.

Access monitoring and control systems, biometrics

Security alarm systems

Water purification and water treatment
for industrial enterprises

Selection and implementation of technical solutions for drinking and household water purification and service water purification, urban and industrial wastewater treatment, stormwater and industrial stormwater treatment.

Automated dispatch
and control systems

Automation of offices, hotel suites (KNX, DALI, LON)

Class А+ office management systems: climate control, lighting, access.

Smart houses, smart apartments

Management of systems for maintaining a comfortable environment in apartments and houses. Wired and wireless solutions. Integration into the residential property management system.

Automated dispatch and control system (ADCS DPC)

Online dispatch control. DPC engineering operation. Optimization of utilities consumption. DPC analytics. Integration with external systems. Umbrella dispatching solution for a group of data centers.

Automated dispatch and control system for building management systems (BMS)

Ventilation, cold supply, heating, air conditioning, water supply and sewage, lighting. Optimization of utilities consumption. Proactive incident management.

Automated commercial electricity metering system (ACEMS), automated system of electric power technical record-keeping (ASEPTRK)

Utilities consumption metering (electric power, water, heat) solution for housing and communal services. Industrial enterprise solution features electric power quality control, precision control and recording of deviations from the rated parameters.

Automated residential property management system (RE AMS)

Integrated service system to establish auxiliary utility-based services and security systems for residential properties. Provides data and services to residents, maintenance and security organizations, as well as to the management company.

and multimedia

Solutions for voice networks of landline and mobile service providers

Voice call transit (Class 4). Solutions for end users (Class 5). Voice networks protection (Session Border Controller). Voice networks quality monitoring and fraud detection (Anti Fraud). IMS, RCS, MVNO networks architecture. SDP and AS service delivery platforms.

Corporate telecom systems

Implementation of IP telephony-based solutions. Establishing the integrated telephone system for enterprises with geo-distributed offices. Existing corporate telephone system extension and upgrade. Smart service implementation.

Contact centres

Processing and distribution of voice calls. Arrangement of phoning campaigns. IVR: interactive voice response. Voice recognition, voice biometrics, talks recording.

Multimedia systems and videoconference calls

Conference rooms, meeting rooms, dispatch control rooms, stadiums, digital advertising signboards.

LTE private networks architecture

Establishing convergent wireless data transfer network both for basic IT services and for integrated digital products.


Backbone data networks

Service provider level transport telecom infrastructures (IP/MPLS, DWDM/SDH/OTN) for telecom service provision.

Local area networks

Data network covering a relatively small territory or a group of buildings, as well as certain structures and offices.

Data processing centres

Wireless networks (Wi-Fi)

Wireless client networks based on Wi-Fi technology. Dedicated wireless networks for applications that require guaranteed secure data transmission at relatively low speeds, and continuous operation of network devices from independent power supplies.

Software defined wide area networks

Networks with the software-based control layer separated from the data transmission devices. Used for establishing wide area networks using conventional and redundant Internet connection.

Identity and access management systems

Identity management, identity access management

Identity and access management systems allow to control and secure access to stored and processed data.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on technology is a user authentication tool that enables users to securely access different portal sections by logging in only once.

Information security applied solutions and monitoring systems

Data loss prevention

Prevention of confidential information leaks.

Code analysis and development security

Automated code review, detection of errors, faults and vulnerabilities in source code.

Cryptographic information protection facilities, authentication, authorization and accounting

Encrypted data storage.

Security operation center; governance, risk, compliance

Information security management, automation, and measurement system.

Privileged identity management, privileged user management

Solutions providing management of privileged users.

Antivirus protection, endpoint detection and response

Detection system for advanced threats and viruses.

Database firewall

Integrated monitoring, audit and access management of database information.

Public key infrastructure

Cryptographic security management system.

Network solutions for information

Firewall systems

Control of access to corporate network resources, perimeter security, network segments and DMZ protection.

Transmitted data protection systems (VPN)

Means to protect data transmitted through communication channels using data encryption algorithms, including GOST encryption.

Protection against network attacks (IPS/IDS)

Detection and countering network attacks on the corporate information infrastructures.

Anti-advanced persistent threat (Anti-APT)

Protection against intentional attacks performed using special-purpose software.

Network security devices management systems

Systems for analysis of network security configuration and settings, analysis of potential vulnerabilities and attack propagation vectors.

Deep packet inspection

Analysis of network traffic, NetFlow data, and detection of abnormal network activities.

Web application firewall

Network firewall and web application protection system.

Protection against DDoS attacks

Protection against distributed denial of service attacks.

support system

IT service management

IT service management: C#, .Net, JS, Java.

Inventory management systems

Accounting and inventory management for IT and telecom infrastructure, assets management for C#, Java, Node.Js.

Deep packet inspection analytics

Traffic analysis: Java, Scala, Python, C++.

Network configuration manager

Configuration management systems: yaml.

Configuration management database

Configuration management databases: yaml.

Customer relationship management

Operation support system / business support system

Fault and performance monitoring for networks, applications and services.

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