We take pride in every our employee and do everything we can to make work enjoyable.

A modern office is not only work, but also sports, various activities, socializing and having good rest.

Our values


We are passionate about creating innovative solutions and are united by the common goal of promoting digital technologies in Russia and all over the world.


We solve complex problems and achieve ambitious goals as a result of everyone’s personal responsibility. We are determined, persistent and purposeful, creating the required conditions to achieve our goals.


We like learning and discovering new things. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and skills and value a thoughtful and reflective approach to problem solving.


Care, support, and teamwork are the keys to our success. We value trust, and we hear and understand other people.


Everything we do should be of the highest quality. Deep expertise, detailed understanding of business, accuracy and creativity help us create perfect products and customer interaction models.

Modern office
for work and life

Develop your career
Work becomes interesting when it includes learning. That is why we’ve set up the Talent Pool employee development program.
Go in for sports
We have everything we need to make sports a part of everyday life and to stay energized. On top of it we offer corporate trainings in basketball, volleyball and soccer, as well as yoga classes.
Share ideas
We hold discussion clubs and open meetings with company executives, where all employees can ask questions and contribute ideas.
Enjoy benefits
The company provides employees with extended health insurance, discounts and incentives, as well as corporate mobile phone service.

Our people

For me, Sitronics Group is not only a stable and interesting place of work, but also a team of goal-oriented, competent and charismatic people with whom I want to continuously grow, develop and conquer new heights together.

It is a special joy to see how our company expands its boundaries every day, new business divisions open up, and we are not afraid to pioneer new directions.


In Sitronics Group, everyone can find their place and improve day by day. Here I appreciate the responsiveness of the staff and the willingness to help on any issue.

An important fact for me was the opportunity for career growth, the loyalty and support on the part of managers, as well as motivation on the part of colleagues.

Sales Manager

Imagine the difference between a person living 90,000 years ago and a modern person — it is enormous. All this time the progress has been surely driven by occasional events and the need to overcome adversity, but the most important driver has always been inquisitive people.

Each of us has only one life. And I am glad I have the opportunity to work in a team that is on the cutting edge of technology in the 21st century, looking into the future every day.

Director of Department

For me, working for Sitronics Group is a contribution to the future of a technologically advanced and progressive Russia rather than to the present, and I am happy to be part of this process.

Any company is people. In Sitronics Group, I like the people around me.

Business Development Manager
Jobs Internship