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Sitronics Group is a Russian multi-industry IT company.

The company’s new strategy is to become one of the leaders in digital transformation of major industries by developing advanced proprietary technologies, software and hardware solutions.
Sitronics Group successfully implements its strategic plans and expands its scope significantly.
Company’s current portfolio features:

Power supply systems

Large-scale production of x86 architecture servers, development of servers based on domestic Elbrus and Baikal processors

Smart cities

Video surveillance and monitoring solutions including UAV systems and droneports

System integration

Comprehensive projects involving supply of hardware and software of various vendors, servers of own manufacture and information security solutions

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Comprehensive construction of public networks of fast and ultra-fast charging stations for personal and municipal vehicles featuring a digital management platform and user mobile application

Solutions for commercial fleet and onshore services (developed by Sitronics KT, a member of Sitronics Group)

Implementation of the federal project “Autonomous Navigation”, development of onshore and shipboard equipment, solutions for digital navigation, ship monitoring, vessel control and traffic management

Satellite solutions (developed by Sputnix, a member of Sitronics Group)

Construction and launch of small satellites for monitoring and remote sensing of Earth, providing data for maritime automatic identification system
top 20
IT companies in Russia in 2020 according to CNews Analytics
top 3
among largest providers of video surveillance solutions in 2020 according to CNews Analytics
1500 +
4 bn RUB
investments into Sitronics Group’s new strategy
29.5 bn RUB
Sitronics Group’s revenue in 2020
350 +
30 thsd units
annual capacity of serial production for Sitronics servers
20 +
partner distributors of Sitronics Group servers
active electric charging stations in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanovsk

Background information

Sitronics Group
a member of Sistema JSFC
A Russian multi-industry IT company implementing digital projects for business and the government, featuring integrated solutions for smart cities and safety, digitalization of strategic industries, maritime navigation, manufacturing of IT and telecom equipment under own brand, development of IoT systems and software.
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Sitronics KT
a member of Sitronics Group
Sitronics KT is a developer of intelligent maritime solutions, including shipboard control systems, digital navigation, maritime infrastructure, geoinformation systems and equipment, situation centers, multipurpose simulators and training equipment, multimedia and interactive facilities.
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a member of Sitronics Group
Sputnix is a Russian private manufacturer of high technology satellite components and platforms for small spacecraft, ground equipment for small spacecraft final adjustment and testing, ground satellite stations, and aerospace education and training equipment. The company is a resident member of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.
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a member of Sitronics Group
The first Russian serial manufacturer of river and lake class electric vessels for passenger transportation. The developments include: high-speed catamarans Ecocruiser, Ecovolt vessels for water walks and excursions, Ecobus and Cityvolt for use as electric water buses. The company's shipyard is located on the territory of the production complex in the city of Otradnoe in the Leningrad Region.
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Information support
Top managers and experts at Sitronics Group are open to dialogue with mass media representatives and are ready to share knowledge and experience, as well as comment on the following topics:
IT market
  • IT market: strategies, prospects and development predictions
  • Current events and trends of industry-specific IT markets
  • Goals and perspectives of digitalization in various industries
  • Import substitution in IT software development and hardware
  • IT services and technologies
  • Manufacturing of IT hardware and computing equipment
  • Servers and data storage systems, data processing centers
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure and electric transport
  • Safety solutions for business continuity, personnel and site monitoring
  • Intelligent maritime solutions: autonomous navigation and digital systems for the shipping industry
  • Small satellites and space-derived digital data
  • Information security: trends and problems of providing information security, legal data protection issues
  • Solutions involving biometry, video analytics and machine vision, internet of things, and positioning systems
  • Creation of digital infrastructure, comprehensive integration of systems and solutions
  • Digital twins for industrial production and platforms for digital transformation of management
HR and socially significant projects
  • HR in IT industry, development, new jobs, employee health
  • Digital solutions for ESG data collection, sustained development, rational resource extraction and consumption
  • Infrastructure for eco-friendly electric transport
  • Compliance and fair business operations
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