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Sitronics Group experts told us about smart solutions and digitally competent personnel training for efficient public governance

At “Caucasus”, the VI Russian Internet Forum, Sitronics Group experts shared their experience using digital technologies for regional transport system development. They also talked about their company’s participation in the digitally competent personnel training for management of urban environments.

During the expert session on efficient public governance, various aspects of digital technologies and smart solutions were discussed, in particular, for such tasks as the efficient management of cities and agglomerations based on digital platforms for public transport management, smart transport system, artificial intelligence technologies, and big data.

Sitronics Group develops and implements digitalization technologies that are capable of ensuring maximum safety and optimization of smart processes. The company has the essential competence and expertise in creating “Smart City” solutions, from introducing video surveillance and AI-based analytics to developing smart transport systems of traffic control, situation rooms, and decision-making support systems.

According to Igor Ezhov, who is in charge of transport solutions in the Department of State Contracts at the Sitronics Group, numerous digital platforms for transport are already working all over the country. Today, when introducing new solutions, it is critical to analyze the capabilities of intensive use and acquisition of data from those already operating systems.

For quick and efficient introduction of digital technologies for control of various processes, the country’s regions need personnel, who are competent in the sphere of digital development. During a session on personnel training for the digital economy, various aspects of the personnel training and state support measures have been discussed, as well as participation of various business in these activities. The Sitronics Group, together with other large players of the IT industry, currently participates in advanced training of teachers and in updating the educational programs.

“Our company keeps an eye on the federal digital policy and participates in various industrial workshops. We participate in the Innopolis University’s program “Personnel for Digital Economy”. This year, 30 educational programs were implemented, 40 professional standards have been updated, and over 16,000 teachers completed advanced training. We are actively partnering with universities and are building cooperation in various disciplines,” remarked Olesya Safonova, Director of the Department of State Contracts at the Sitronics Group.

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