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Sitronics Group servers are compatible with Russian software used for BAUM STORAGE AI

The Sitronics Group, who is a member of Sistema JSFC Group and developer for SK-SKhD LLC, after a number of tests, confirmed the compatibility of the software used for reliable centralized storage of big user data with the SIT SRH series server equipment, namely SRH1221, SRH2221, and SRH5221.

BAUM STORAGE AI and Sitronics Group servers form the conglomerate of nationally produced software and equipment for big data storage, providing the optimal resources distribution on disk platforms. Servers can be used for varying purposes, from video surveillance archives storage at retail locations to information handling by governmental entities, banks, and large enterprises.

SK-SKhD LLC is an official producer and copyright holder of BAUM STORAGE AI software, registered in the Uniform Register of Russian PC Programs and Databases of the Russian Ministry of Communications (No.10870).

SIT SRH series servers by Sitronics Group have various configurations and are suitable for both big data storage and for support of databases and cloud apps operation. They can also be used for virtualization solutions, big data analytics, and high-performance computing. The hardware is produced in Novosibirsk, Russia.

“Our servers are certified by the leading Russian producers of software products. They are compatible with RED OS of Linux family, and now with BAUM STORAGE AI too. The combination of the nationally produced software and hardware is an important link in the digital independence of our country. This solution will enable us to solve various tasks for businesses and the state, including creation of critical infrastructure,” said Nikolay Pozhidaev, Sitronics Group President.

“We’ve made a big effort to produce a reliable and efficient software product for data storage systems that is not inferior to solutions from our foreign competitors. SIT SRH series server hardware compatibility testing has shown that Russian solutions can be used to create corporate complexes for safe storage and handling of big data,” commented Pavel Gundin, SK-SKhD LLC Deputy Director General.

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