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Sitronics Group has signed the Artificial Intelligence Code of Conduct, developed by the AI Alliance

The Sitronics Group, part of Sistema JSFC Group, being one of the largest IT companies using artificial intelligence technologies in the development of their solutions, has signed the Artificial Intelligence Code of Conduct and Ethics.

The AI Alliance unites national technological companies for joint development and accelerated implementation of artificial intelligence in education, scientific research, and business practices. Artificial Intelligence Code of Conduct and Ethics, developed by the Alliance members, serves as a guideline for AI technologies development in Russia and aims to establish trust into the AI on the part of users, the general public, and the state.

Artificial intelligence technologies significantly transform both companies’ activities and the everyday life of our society. Speaking of the interaction with the surrounding world, the most remarkable use of AI is now for the autonomous systems and unmanned transport. For example, the Sitronics Group is developing solutions for autonomous ship navigation using artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning, recognition, and identification. This ensures safer navigation for ships and reduces the risk of accidents.

The company also uses artificial intelligence to analyze the remote Earth sensing data from satellites and unmanned spacecraft data for monitoring various territories, forests, the use of land, and subsurface resources management.

“With the ongoing technological changes, the Code of Conduct can play an important role in generating confidence in innovations and introducing artificial intelligence technologies. Commitment to the recommendations of that document will become an instrument of social accountability for the companies that develop and implement AI technologies in Russia. By signing the Code, we commit to ethical and safe for the humans usage of the artificial intelligence,” commented Nikolay Pozhidaev, Sitronics Group President.

The Code of Conduct declares a human-oriented and humanitarian approach to the AI technologies development. It includes provisions for non-discrimination, secure data handling and informational security, for AI identification during communications with humans, respect for the human free will, and accountability for the AI usage.

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