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Sitronics Group develops services for ESG data acquisition

The company is currently developing tools for acquiring data based on the remote Earth sensing from satellites and unmanned drone data for monitoring various territories, forests, land and subsurface resources management, and atmospheric monitoring. This topic was covered at the ESG Reporting conference by Pavel Dreiger, Sitronics Group Vice-President for Software Products and Solutions.

There is a wide range of tools developed and introduced by Sitronics Group for acquisition of data, which is then used to resolve the sustainable development issues. The remote Earth sounding data collected by small spacecraft allows monitoring the state of national forests and water protection zones. It is used for subsurface resources management and land use monitoring, illegal construction and landfills monitoring, and on the whole — for solving environmental protection issues. Zorkiy satellite, a model using OrbiCraft-Pro platform by Sputnix company, who is part of the Sitronics Group, can provide that data. This small spacecraft is in orbit and is suitable for medium resolution remote Earth sounding.

The group of companies is also developing a spacecraft with the sub meter resolution camera Kinosputnik and a radar satellite based on the universal satellite platform Pallada. Spacecraft will be used for natural resources monitoring as well. They will make it possible to collect data on the greenhouse gases content in the atmosphere, monitoring the infrastructure projects, and for other important tasks.

Nano- and microsats in orbit enable us to acquire data on the same object several times a day for long periods. With their help, one can monitor changes in various objects and obtain data over time, which is of no small importance, for example, for monitoring deforestation and land use for crop rotation and crop yield forecasting.

“Today, the issue of ESG data acquisition is an increasingly frequent topic for discussion, and solving many tasks depends on data availability. Modern private cosmonautics should be the source. However, a lot of satellite data in Russia is purchased from foreign providers, so there is the important issue of its verification. Our company is rapidly developing towards import substitution of foreign space data, and is planning to provide it from our proprietary satellite clusters both to private and state clients,” said Pavel Dreiger, Sitronics Group Vice-President for Software Products and Solutions.

Unmanned aircraft and drone ports by Sitronics Group, which both allow for autonomous drones operation, also help collecting and analyzing the ESG-related data. These tools are most suitable for acquiring data within the urban environment and over small territories. For example, they can be used to monitor the environmental situation in critical locations, to do follow-up exploration, to monitor changes, as well as for photography and video recording. Apart from the environmental component, drone ports help solving managerial tasks. They can be used to provide security on construction sites, or to monitor work deadlines and regulatory compliance.

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