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Sitronics Group and Sputnix to develop a marketplace for space services and data

The Sitronics Group and its member company Sputnix are developing an integrated marketplace for geographic information solutions based on the analysis of remote Earth sounding data. Nikolay Pozhidaev, Sitronics Group President, talked about it at the EAEU Space Integration business forum.

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The universal geographic services platform will allow the Group to post there the spatial data from the satellites. Consumers will be able to work with this information via shared online interface using ready-to-use tools in the format of statistic reports.

The Sitronics Group is intending to upload to the marketplace all the commercially available spacecraft data, as well as information from their own small spacecraft. As their own clusters of satellites become commissioned, the company plans to substitute and supplement data from foreign sources with Russian spacecraft produced information.

Sputnix develops and produces small spacecraft that weighs up to 300 kg as well as space subsystems. This company has the ability to launching them and control while in orbit. Today, it has its own flight control center for spacecraft clusters. Now there are five small satellites in orbit. Further on, the company is planning to increase their number to several dozens. The satellite data is received in the UHF bandwidth at the in-house surface station.

“We are working to transitioning our company from a delivery model, when we sell ready-to-use satellites and platforms, transmit and archive data, to a different model, where we will be providing outer space data to our clients. For this purpose, we are establishing the marketplace, where our clients will be able to obtain the required information. Today, a large percentage of satellite data for our country is purchased from foreign providers. The strategic task of our group is to substitute foreign outer space data with Russian – for business users as well as for the state. This is also important for waterways development, including the Northern Sea Route, and for such significant environmental projects as neutral carbon emissions,” said Nikolay Pozhidaev, Sitronics Group President.

“Using our proprietary satellite solutions and marketplace, we’ll be able to provide a large volume of data. For example, OrbiCraft-Pro platform-based cubesats can be used for sharing data required for the operation of automatic identification systems in ship navigation and civil aviation. These devices will also be able to support data transmission for telemetry from stationary and mobile facilities, and from IoT systems. Performing the task of environmental monitoring by providing up-to-date information on greenhouse gases, deforestation and fires is of no less importance,” said Vladislav Ivanenko, Sputnix Director General.

The Company is also developing a medium resolution satellite Zorkiy for remote Earth sensing based on the OrbiCraft-Pro platform, a spacecraft Kinosputnik with the sub meter resolution camera, and a radar satellite based on the universal satellite platform Pallada. These spacecraft will be used for natural resources and project infrastructure monitoring, for supporting navigation along the Northern Sea Route, and for other tasks of national importance.

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