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Cosmos Hotel Group hotel chain to be equipped with EV charging stations by the Sitronics Group

Sitronics Electro brand EV charging stations will be installed in the parking lots of 16 hotels of Cosmos Hotel Group. They will be supplied by the EV charging infrastructure operator, the Sitronics Group.

The Sitronics Group will arrange installation of stations, their connection to the online management system, and their service maintenance. Visitors and hotel guests will be able to charge electric vehicles using the Sitronics Electro mobile app. Charging systems will be installed in all the cities where Cosmos Hotel Group is present. These include Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Izhevsk, Petrozavodsk, and Sochi, as well as cities in the Altai Republic. In the future, every new hotel will have such stations under the Cosmos brand.

Opening charging stations for the comfortable stay of EV owners in the hotels of Cosmos Hotel Group complies with the principles of sustainable development of Sistema JSFC Group, which incorporates the Cosmos Hotel Group and the Sitronics Group.

“The use of new technologies in our hotels and environmental concerns are important elements of the Cosmos Hotel Group development strategy. Therefore, it is important for us to participate in such projects. The more so since they are of the social nature. Thanks to the vastness of our chain, we can contribute to the promotion of “green” technologies, which are in increasingly high demand,” stated Alexander Shvein, Cosmos Hotel Group President.

“Cooperation with the Cosmos Hotel Group will become another area of our efficient cooperation with Sistema JSFC Group companies. It will be our next step towards expanding our own network of EV charging stations across the entire country,” mentioned Nikolay Pozhidaev, Sitronics Group President.

“Today, Sitronics Electro stations charge electric vehicles in Moscow, Ulyanovsk, and Nizhny Novgorod. We provide an integrated solution for our commercial clients and for general public. These are charging stations for private or public electric vehicles with a digital control platform and a user-friendly application,” said Andrey Gurlenov, CEO of Sitronics Electro.


Cosmos Hotel Group is one of the largest hotel management companies on the Russian market. Cosmos Hotel Group portfolio includes over 20 hotels in 15 cities in Russia and globally, including facilities under well-known international brands (Holiday Inn Express, Hilton Garden Inn) owned by Sistema JSFC, as well as five third-party hotels. Total number of hotel rooms managed by this company is 7,000 rooms. Cosmos Hotel Group operates these assets.

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