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Sitronics KT to supply Rosmorrechflot with navigation systems for safe ship navigation

Sitronics KT, member of the Sitronics Group, won an open tender contract to supply ship navigational systems (SNS) used for navigation and hydrographic information acquisition and processing. The client is the Federal Agency of Marine and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot).

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Rosmorrechflot’s subordinate organizations will use these systems to collect and process navigational and hydrographic information in the course of fairways construction, that is during installation and monitoring of buoys and other navigational aids along the inland waterways of the Russian Federation. The acquired data will help to promptly amendment the electronic charts and show the correct fairways to ensure safe navigation.

SNS operation uses a precision GLONASS/GPS-receiver, a differential receiver using augmentation stations in the UHF bandwidth, and a hydrographic echo-sounder with a beam angle from eight degrees. The navigational systems supplied by Sitronics KT will be installed on all the vessels performing routing operations.

These systems will be controlled from an industrial laptop. They will integrate into a single process system all the hardware and software required for navigation and hydrographic information collection.

“SNS is a completely Russian solution. With this system we supply not only the hardware but also our proprietary software. This approach lets us automate the routing operations and transmit data to the online cartographic service in real-time mode,” commented Andrey Rodionov, CEO of Sitronics KT.

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