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Sitronics Group expert talks about digital services for Smart Cities

At the Digital Innopolis Days forum, Olesya Safonova, Director of the Department of State Contracts at the Sitronics Group, talked about digital technologies used in urban space management.

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During an expert discussion at the workshop with the theme Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Control of Urban Spaces — Smart City Technologies, the participants discussed various aspects of digital intelligent solutions. They also talked about technologies for urban spaces, utilities and urban environment management that are based on big data and artificial intelligence.

Sitronics Group develops and implements digitalization technologies that ensure maximum safety and optimization of smart processes. The company has competence and expertise in producing “Smart City” solutions, from implementing video surveillance and AI-based analytics to developing smart transport systems for traffic control.

Depending on regional requirements, those control subsystems can be designed and implemented as required for reaching quality parameters of the regulatory documentation.

The systems of video surveillance and video analytics allow solving such tasks as detection of unauthorized garbage dumping and construction, monitoring of city utilities, real estate and roads, as well as detection of various illegal activities. Both the municipal video surveillance system and unmanned drones can be sources of images. One of the most up-to-date solutions for data acquisition in urban environments that is supplied by Sitronics Group is drone ports. The automated drone takeoff and landing station operates 24/7. A drone can be set to any flight frequency — at a special request or on a preset schedule. Tasks are performed automatically with the option of control takeover by an operator at any time.

“Use of smart digital solutions in the municipal management if a very urgent issue. We notice how opportunities for digital services application in the city are constantly growing. It is important for us to inform our clients about our most successful uses of digital products to increase the citizens’ safety and comfort,” said Olesya Safonova, Director of the Department of State Contracts at the Sitronics Group.

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