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Sitronics Group told about effective compliance

The company shared its approaches to implementing its compliance strategy at the annual conference “Compliance in Russia: the future we are creating today”.

Sitronics Group is a large Russian IT company that implements large-scale digital projects for government and business, and is included in the lists of the largest suppliers of software and equipment. The company significantly expands the areas of services – today the range of the group’s activities includes the digitalization of strategic sectors of the economy, shipping and maritime navigation. For a group of companies, competent work with partners, vendors, clients and strict adherence to compliance requirements in all areas of activity is important.

“The IT market is risky and highly competitive, therefore we focus on anti-corruption, compliance with antimonopoly laws. In addition, we are developing sanctions and vendor compliance. Our group of companies is an authorized partner of the largest foreign manufacturers of software solutions, first of all, Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO, and we comply with their requirements”, – said Svetlana Snezhko, Head of Compliance at Sitronics Group.

Today, the range of topics within the competence of compliance specialists for business integrity is growing. The task of the function is to ensure the integration of the approach into the company’s activities through active interaction with all divisions to prevent possible risks. 

“The compliance strategy should become a navigator for operational activities, ensuring flexibility and speed of business processes, decision support. In the long term, it will serve the sustainable development of the company”, Svetlana Snezhko summed up.

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