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SITRONICS digital monitoring helps to manage land resources and monitor compliance with legislation

SITRONICS Group of Companies, a provider of high-tech solutions for business and government, has implemented a pilot project for land monitoring in the Tyumen region. The complex solution allowed us to analyze the state of the land, as well as construction objects, roads and industrial zones, while reflecting the dynamics for 2019-2020.

SITRONICS has carried out monitoring of agricultural land in Ishim and Golymshanovsky districts of the region. The solution made it possible to assess the rate of harvesting crops and the state of crops at the level of individual fields, to determine the number and area of workers.

In addition, the state of urban and suburban areas assessed: changes in residential and industrial construction, as well as in transport infrastructure.

Information for monitoring obtained from satellite imagery. Data processing carried out using a geographic information system using computer vision.

“Monitoring of lands and territories is important for monitoring compliance with land and tax legislation, as well as for improving the environmental situation, preserving forests and natural resources. In the field of agriculture, it will help track the condition of land and monitor the activities of the recipients of subsidies. In cities, our complex solution can be used to detect unauthorized landfills and illegal construction “, – said Nikolay Pozhidaev, President of the SITRONICS group of companies.

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