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Sitronics and VisionLabs digital solutions implemented in educational institutions of Murmansk

SITRONICS, a provider of high-tech solutions for business and government, and VisionLabs, one of the world leaders in computer vision, have implemented their solutions at the Murmansk Industrial College. Biometric access control systems (ACS) will provide contactless passage of students and teachers, and contactless thermometry will prevent the spread of viral diseases.

Central entrances of six college buildings are equipped with digital ACS systems: three educational buildings, a hostel, a residential building and an administrative building. A comprehensive solution implemented by SITRONICS on a turnkey basis: from equipping with turnstiles to integrating with software, unites all objects into a single system.

VisionLabs computer vision technologies have helped to increase the convenience and security of the access control system, as well as the checkpoint’s throughput: now it is enough to look at the camera on the turnstile to enter buildings. The image transferred to the biometric platform LUNA, where, using neural networks, a descriptor extracted from it – a set of unchangeable face parameters, and compared with the existing database. The recognition process takes a fraction of a second.

In one of the educational buildings, a complex of non-contact thermometry VisionLabs Thermo is also installed, which makes it possible to automatically measure the temperature of 40 people in the frame at the same time. When a person with an elevated temperature detected, the signal sent to an automated security workstation, which then acts according to the established regulations.

“Improving the quality and safety of the educational process is an important and responsible task. For its implementation, as well as for the implementation of other large-scale projects in the field of digital video analytics, SITRONICS has combined its own experience and the expertise of VisionLabs. Our biometrics system is included in the register of domestic software. The “smart” biometric access control system has been working in the SITRONICS office for more than two years and has shown itself to be excellent in operation. Today this solution is used by both business and government structures “, – said Nikolay Pozhidaev, President of the SITRONICS group of companies.

“We continue to develop solutions for smart cities in particular; a strategically important area is the automation of the infrastructure of social facilities, such as schools, colleges, universities. Implementation at the Murmansk Industrial College is our second joint project with SITRONICS as part of the digitalization of Murmansk. Last year, we launched a pilot with “smart” video analytics with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Murmansk region, aimed at comprehensive security in the city “, – said Ilya Romanov, Commercial Director of VisionLabs.

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