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SITRONICS announced the appointment of Nikolai Pozhidaev to the position of the company’s president

Nikolay Pozhidaev became the president of JSC SITRONICS (a high-tech company, part of AFK Sistema). Prior to joining SITRONICS, Nikolay held the post of Finance Director of the Moscow Region of MTS PJSC. Alexey Marukhin, who has been the head of the company for the last year and a half, will focus on the development of the commercial and design units of JSC SITRONICS as Vice President for Sales and Project Management.

The decision to appoint Nikolay Pozhidaev as president of the company was made at the Board of Directors of JSC SITRONICS on June 30, 2020. Nikolay Pozhidaev replaced Alexey Marukhin, who headed the company since November 2018. As President of JSC SITRONICS, Nikolay will be engaged in the development and reorganization of the company, as well as in the implementation of initiatives laid down in the company’s strategy.

“Over the past three years, SITRONICS has strengthened its positions in the Moscow market, entered the regions. The company has reached the next level of maturity and new needs have been born from scale. Nikolay’s expertise will become the right foundation for creating a large ICT company that will enter the TOP on the market in the near future”, – commented Alexey Marukhin, Vice President for Sales and Project Management at SITRONICS JSC.

“SITRONICS is waiting for strategic strengthening and enlargement. Changes in the organizational structure are only the first step towards the implementation of an ambitious strategy to enter the federal level. SITRONICS today is a confident average player in the IT market, and it was important for us to keep within the perimeter the team that was responsible for SITRONICS’s return to the market. Today our task is to develop the success of project activities, to scale the company through new competencies in the development of complex solutions”, – said Nikolay Pozhidaev, President of JSC SITRONICS.

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