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SITRONICS will present advanced transport solutions in Novosibirsk

Sistema JSFC, a public Russian diversified holding company, presents modern solutions and key projects of its portfolio companies in the field of modernization of transport and road infrastructure at the VIII International Siberian Transport Forum, which takes place on May 22-25, 2019 in Novosibirsk. At the single stand of Sistema JSFC, the Corporation’s portfolio companies will present their solutions, including those already being implemented in the Siberian Federal District: SITRONICS, MTS, VisionLabs, Element and Sibmost.

The Siberian Transport Forum, organized by the Government of the Novosibirsk Region, the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region, is the largest industry event in region, the purpose of which is to interact with state authorities, the public and the business community to solve urgent problems of the transport and road-building complexes, increase the investment attractiveness of Siberia.

SITRONICS will present at the forum experience of an integrated approach to the creation of a transport ecosystem within the framework of the “Smart City” concept. The digitalization of the transport system aimed at improving traffic safety and increasing the economic efficiency of urban transport. An integrated transport strategy can reduce the time of an average city trip by optimizing routes and reducing the number and duration of congestion. Within the framework of the agreement on strategic cooperation with Novosibirsk, SITRONICS is a partner of the city in the implementation of a unified urban management platform and the implementation of the Smart City project roadmap.

The MTS exposition will be dedicated to video surveillance and video analytics, including at transport infrastructure facilities as part of building an Intelligent Transport System. The video monitoring system (pilot in Novosibirsk), including an adaptive system of photo and video recording, which takes into account various detection scenarios depending on the type of intersection, allows city services to receive data on the current situation in real time, as well as an alarm signal in case of an emergency. This platform integrates with decision support systems and analysis of the intensity of movement of the population around the city, which allows you to quickly influence the change in the situation, as well as forecast and simulate situations in order to carry out operational and planned measures. In addition, the stand will present a pilot project on video analytics in parking lots to automatically determine free and occupied places, implemented by MTS in the city of Arsk.

One of the world leaders in the field computer vision and machine learning, the Russian company VisionLabs (an investment of the venture capital fund Sistema_VC), will demonstrate in Novosibirsk the implementation of a project for the Traffic Management Center of the Moscow Government on photo and video recording of traffic violations and automatic generation of fines based on a traffic analysis platform operating on the principle of a face recognition system and capable of identifying types, brands, models and numbers of cars. This will eliminate situations when the camera incorrectly recognizes the registration plate and the wrong person who violated the rules gets a fine. In addition, it will be easier to calculate fraudulent actions to change license plates.

The Element company, which united microelectronic enterprises of the Rostec state corporation and AFK Sistema, including the largest industrial enterprise Mikron, will present solutions for identification in transport, implemented on the basis of integral schemes of domestic production and technologies of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), including transport tickets of various form factors, identification cards and systems, as well as a tracker for monitoring the conditions of cargo transportation from a new line of IoT devices based on a microcontroller of our own production, providing hardware crypto protection data.

One of the largest bridge-building companies in the country, Sibmost, will present major projects of federal significance at its stand. In her portfolio: government contracts for the construction of a third bridge across the Ob in Novosibirsk, a fourth road bridge across the Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk, the Eastern bypass of Novosibirsk, bypasses of Chernogorsk (Khakassia) and Mariinsk (Kuzbass), several bridges in Yakutia. Powerful production and technical potential allows the company to confidently solve the most important tasks, to construct facilities of any technical complexity in a short time and with high quality. In addition to solutions developed for transport infrastructure, which will be available at the joint stand of the Sistema JSFC Group, their representatives will take part in the business program.

More information about the program of the forum can be found on the website. 

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