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JSC SITRONICS took part in the International Forum on Intellectual Property IPQuorum 2019

JSC SITRONICS took part in the International Forum on Intellectual Property IPQuorum 2019 and signed a partnership agreement with the Association “National Coordination Center for Processing Transactions with Intellectual Property Rights and Objects”.

Against the background of the growing needs of the industry, the issues of creation and operation of intellectual property objects are becoming more and more important for the economy. Systems for support and protection of property rights are becoming multi-level, tools for the exchange and protection of data are distributed-oriented and more sophisticated.

SITRONICS is actively expanding its base of technology partners, including in the field of intellectual property rights protection: on April 10, 2019, the company officially became a member of the IPChain project – a decentralized network of transactions with intellectual property rights and objects developed by the Association’s specialists. Earlier, Rospatent and the Intellectual Property Rights Court joined the IPChain network.

Elena Shulgina, Vice President for Strategy, JSC SITRONICS:

“The problem of combating unauthorized copying and distribution of digital content is an important element of protecting the results of intellectual activity. As a company in the high-tech sector of the economy, SITRONICS has long been closely associated with the creation and development of RIA. And we intend to actively participate in the formation of fair rules of the game for the use and replication of RIA in the context of the transition to the data economy”.

The distributed registry IPChain allows building a new way of interaction between the state and industries – to move from a model of public services, which does not allow achieving ultra-high speeds of creating and bringing intelligent products to the market, to a model of continuous interaction of market participants in “real time”.

As the operator of the IPChain project, SITRONICS accumulates intellectual rights and technological developments for further use by other market participants. Developing a partner base, SITRONICS actively engages technology partners in the implementation of national digitalization projects, works with clusters of state corporations and considers various types of cooperation with companies of different maturity levels – from startups to global players.

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