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The “Sistema” Charitable Foundation and Sitronics Group donated equipment with an interactive virtual encyclopedia to the Lenino-Snegirev military history museum

The “Sistema” Charitable Foundation donated projection equipment and software to the Lenino-Snegirev Museum to create an interactive virtual encyclopedia of the Great Patriotic War “The Way to Victory. 1941-1945″. The total cost of the project was 1.7 million rubles. Interactive virtual encyclopedia of the Great Patriotic War “The Way to Victory. 1941-1945″ is an innovative development of Sitronics KT, a member of the Sitronics Group, created using modern computer technology on a strictly documented basis.

The software product is a qualitatively new type of computer training programs and a modern effective means of patriotic education, countering falsification of history, rewriting the results of the Great Patriotic War and World War II. The encyclopedia created specifically for the youth audience, the information is presented in a visual and playful way. It is easy to learn, based on an intuitive approach, it contains the best illustrations, documents and reproduces 3D models of battles, weapons and equipment.

«Our group of the companies has many years of experience in the field of creating museum multimedia expositions, has repeatedly implemented projects for the patriotic education of young people. The solutions developed by the Sitronics Group allow you to perceive historical events and conduct training in a format that is relevant from the point of view of all the most modern digital trends. We are pleased to assist the Lenino-Snegirevsky Military History Museum in creating an important project for our country”, – said Nikolay Pozhidaev, President of the Sitronics Group.

Since 2017, Sistema CF has been providing regular support to the Lenino-Snegirevsky military history museum, erected on the site of the bloody battles for Moscow at the 40th kilometer of the Volokolamskoye highway. The aid is carried out within the framework of a long-term program of support for the Moscow City Council of Veterans.

During the period of cooperation, the “Alley of Artillery” was restored at the expense of the Fund. Within the framework of the project, about 30 combat guns of the Second World War restored and erected on new foundations, pedestals, the necessary equipment and tools purchased for maintaining the territory and holding mass events. Several times a year, volunteers of the Corporation’s companies participate in traditional subbotniks, helping to ennoble the territory and participating in the cosmetic restoration of exhibits (combat vehicles and guns).

In 2020, the Fund supported a new topical direction – the creation of 3D tours around museum expositions. This will allow you to learn about all the exhibits and unique pages of history via the Internet. Such projects acquire particular value during the period of global restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the strategy of scaling cultural and historical projects with a focus on education and enlightenment, the Foundation initiated the creation of the Interactive Virtual Encyclopedia of the Great Patriotic War “The Path to Victory 1941-1945” developed by Sitronics KT. Additionally, the module “Counteroffensive near Moscow” was delivered. The project will introduce museum visitors to the key stages of the Great Patriotic War in a modern fascinating format.

The project will become the final accent of the federal action of the Sistema JSFC Group #RememberVtogether. The #RememberTogether campaign aimed to maintain the memory of the Great Victory through generations and regions of Russia, including the most remote settlements. Thanks to a series of successive initiatives, it was possible to combine several related events with a common communication line – the Victory Day.

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