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Sitronics Group presented their solutions for import substitution to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vasily Shpak at the CIPR-2021

Sitronics Group, a Russian IT company and manufacturer of ICT equipment, which is part of Sistema JSFC, presented its developments at the exhibition as part of the Digital Industry of Industrial Russia conference. The servers manufactured in Russia under the company’s brand, a complex for autonomous navigation and other developments demonstrated to Dmitry Chernyshenko and Vasily Shpak.

The group of companies participates in solving the problems of import substitution, developing the production of domestic ICT equipment. The company’s stand demonstrated x86 servers of architecture under the Sitronics brand with a high degree of localization. The equipment is suitable for supporting the operation of databases and cloud applications, the implementation of virtualization solutions, big data analytics and high performance computing. A prototype of a server based on the domestic Elbrus processor also demonstrated. The Sitronics Group is ready to provide a server production capacity of up to 30,000 units per year to meet the growing demand for Russian equipment. Development of domestic digital software solutions is also one of the priority areas of the Sitronics Group. The presented products of the company used to digitize strategic sectors of the economy – oil and gas, transport, including shipping and maritime logistics.

In its activities, Sitronics Group anticipates market needs. The complex for unmanned navigation, the so-called “a-Navigation”, is a truly breakthrough technology with the prospect of high demand in the domestic market and a huge export potential. An important factor is that in addition to economic benefits, the automation of shipping also solves issues of safety and reducing the impact of the human factor in the maritime logistics industry, prevents accidents and environmental disasters. Moreover, the presented solution for the development of electric charging infrastructure for both public and private electric transport is another promising line of business for the Sitronics Group. It includes domestically produced electric charging stations and a digital control platform with a mobile application, allowing the development of environmentally friendly transport in our country.

For industrial and mining enterprises, the company has developed a solution to ensure the safety of personnel. The solution consists of a web platform, a server platform, a network of beacons and wearable devices (trackers and smart watches), allows you to track the location and condition of employees and equipment at enterprises. Additionally, smart watches provide online monitoring of the level of hazardous gases, body temperature, pulse, operational feedback (SOS button), the ability to transfer tasks to employees and control their execution.

“CIPR annually becomes a platform for discussion of promising areas of digital transformation of the economy. Today this process is inseparable from the topic of import substitution. Our company is one of the active market participants, investing in the development of domestic solutions for the digital transformation of industry and other key industries. Our innovative developments make the life of society more comfortable and safe, increase the efficiency of business and the activities of our partners “, – said Nikolay Pozhidaev, President of Sitronics Group.

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