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SITRONICS acted as a partner of the TAdviser conference “Smart Сontrol Systems or New Video Analytics”

MOSCOW, July 9. – During the online conference TAdviser with the participation of representatives of VTB, Gazprom VNIIGAZ, X5 Retail Group discussed the present and future of biometrics in the banking sector, retail, transport, industrial and social facilities. Director of the Business Development Department of JSC SITRONICS Alexandra Shchipacheva spoke about the practical application of biometrics and how global trends have accelerated the development of biometric technologies.

Expert reports were devoted to the possibilities and limitations modern algorithms of machine vision, the specifics of the development and application of video analytics in different industries and the regulatory aspect of the use of biometrics. Opening the conference, Alexandra Schipacheva noted that the pandemic certainly served as a catalyst and significantly accelerated the transition to digital in all key industries online”.

Some of the technological solutions developed 3-5-7 years ago received a new meaning and were in demand in a broader sense. “The very approach to the implementation of technologies has changed tools that were previously auxiliary have become the main ones” , – said Alexandra Schipacheva.

The building passage system (ACS) was originally developed to control the physical access to secure facilities. Today biometric access control system solves issues of physical and information security that helps effectively manage remote work and saves employees’ working time. In combination with a thermographic complex, a biometric access control system provides reliable data about the epidemiological situation in the office, and in the event of force majeure, it allows you to instantly track the contacts of the sick and respond.

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