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Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions and SITRONICS will join forces for the development of smart cities

LLC Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions (part of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom) and JSC SITRONICS will combine developments in the development of the digital industry in cities. The companies announced this in connection with the signed agreement of intent to develop joint projects. The introduction of digital platforms and elements of the “Smart City” in the improvement of public areas, the creation of technological infrastructure and data centers, including on the basis of the principles of public-private partnership, and others are considered as promising areas of cooperation. Joint pilot projects in a number of regions planned to be launched this year.

Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions LLC coordinates Rosatom’s advanced technologies for digitalization and effective urban management. A distinctive feature of Rosatom’s approach is its reliance on the methodology of a lean and smart city – LEAN SMART CITY, the essence of which is the continuous improvement of processes within municipalities, which makes it possible to use city services most efficiently, and to respond more quickly to requests from citizens and businesses.

Rosatom’s Lean Smart City project has already been implemented in the city of Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod Region based on a single integration platform that collects, integrates and analyzes data from all city data sources, flexibly interacts with the existing digital infrastructure and allows new structural blocks to be integrated into a single smart system, digital services. One of the main elements of the platform is the “active citizen” functionality, which allows the city administration to receive feedback and promptly solve current problems, involving residents in the process of creating a “smart” and comfortable urban environment.

“As an integrator of Smart City solutions, our company is interested in selecting the best practices and technological solutions in the field of digitalization and creating a comfortable urban environment that will be in demand when replicating our Lean Smart City technology in Russian cities”, said the general Ksenia Sukhotina, Director of Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions LLC.

The SITRONICS Expert Office acts as a driver for the implementation of national projects and the creation of digital infrastructure in the regions. As part of the implementation of national projects, SITRONICS is ready to adapt Rosatom technologies to the local needs of the regions.

“The partnership with Rosatom has become an important stage in building an ecosystem of technology partners. Understanding the scale of tasks for the implementation of national projects, SITRONICS forms a pool of strong partners and accumulates the best developments in the market for the effective development of smart cities”, commented Alexey Marukhin, President of the JSC SITRONICS.

SITRONICS will continue to develop the ecosystem of technology partners, including not only state corporations, but also development institutions, industry associations, technology companies and local players. Earlier, SITRONICS entered into agreements on strategic cooperation in the areas of “smart city”, “digital public administration”, “digital medicine”, “digital education” and “smart housing and communal services” with Kaluga, Novosibirsk and the Republic of Ingushetia.

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