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CIPR 2019: SITRONICS presented the Expert Office

A new model of interaction with the regions for the implementation of national projects. The launch of the Expert Office, a unique competence of SITRONICS in assessing the maturity and development of the potential of the digital infrastructure of Russian regions, took place back in the first quarter of 2019. At the CIPR 2019 in Kazan, SITRONICS demonstrated the role and structure of the new division, the first results of its work and presented its vision of regional cooperation.

Today the SITRONICS expert office operates in a number of regions: agreements on strategic cooperation have already been signed with Novosibirsk, Kaluga, and the Republic of Ingushetia. The first joint pilot launches within the framework of the implementation of national projects will take place before the end of the year.

The company uses many years of experience in the successful implementation of large-scale digital projects based on Russian technologies. To date, the competencies of the SITRONICS expert office are focused in four areas: the strategy and microanalysis unit is responsible for the development of digital strategies for the regions, the business analysis unit accumulates industry specialists in transport, healthcare, smart city, etc., the regulatory unit is responsible for preparation of recommendations for adjusting and supplementing the regulatory framework of the region and the financial block is working on finding the best ways to finance projects. Throughout its more than 15-year history, SITRONICS has developed and implemented high-tech projects, and now this task is being solved by the SITRONICS laboratory at a qualitatively new level due to close cooperation with technological partners.

As an expert office for the implementation of national projects, SITRONICS also provides consulting support to the regions in the formation of regional passports for national projects, including in the application of digital solutions in such areas as “Healthcare”, “Education”, “Safe and high-quality roads”, “Housing and urban environment ”,“ Ecology ”and“ Digital economy ”.

“We are working on creating a new model of cooperation between regional and federal authorities, development institutions and private business, the purpose of which is the digital development of regions within the framework of the strategy for the implementation of national projects. In addition to the expert assessment, for which SITRONICS has all the necessary resources, we see the potential in creating a partner ecosystem at the local level, which will include state corporations, technology companies, and local players”, Alexey Marukhin, President of JSC SITRONICS.

This year, Rosatom has joined the pool of existing strategic and technological partners of SITRONICS, represented by the structural division Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions, PJSC NIPS (GK ROSTEKH), NETBYNET (a subsidiary of PJSC MegaFon). Expansion of the partner base guarantees the possibility of using the most progressive technological solutions in the formation of complex digital strategies for the regions. At the same time, SITRONICS ‘own technological expertise allows implementing a flexible modular approach in digital projects and launching projects at any stage of regional infrastructure maturity.

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