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SITRONICS reported on the progress of the Safe City program in the Republic of Ingushetia

At the meeting of the interdepartmental working group chaired by the Head of the Department of the Republic of Ingushetia for ensuring the protection of the population and the territory from emergencies Ganizhev Ibragim at the CMC of the EMERCOM of Russia, SITRONICS JSC reported on the results of the first stage of implementation of the hardware and software complex ” Safe City “in the Republic and presented a plan for the implementation of the next stage of the program.

JSC SITRONICS is implementing the Safe City hardware and software complex in the Republic of Ingushetia within the framework of the concession agreement signed with the regional government in 2016. The project is designed for 4.5 years and includes two main stages, the first of which is the technical and detailed design of the complex system, the deployment of a photo and video recording system for traffic violations, an intelligent video surveillance system and an emergency communication system “Citizen – Police” in the capital of Ingushetia and the creation of a regional platform for automating the activities of unified dispatch services has been successfully completed.

In Magas, a system of photo and video recording of traffic violations from 55 complexes was deployed, aimed at controlling the speed limit and rules for crossing intersections, which means reducing deaths on the roads and improving the safety and comfort of all road users, an intelligent video surveillance system and an emergency communication system were introduced. It will also include the Citizen – Police terminals installed on the streets, thanks to which any resident of the Republic can instantly contact the employees of the duty unit. To analyze and work with the information collected by the new system, a data processing center was built in the city of Karabulak.

As part of the Safe City program, SITRONICS is creating a Single Rapid Response Center (ECOR) in Ingushetia, which provides forecasting, monitoring, prevention and elimination of the consequences of emergencies and offenses. The unified system will analyze data received from various monitoring systems and recorded appeals of citizens, and, on their basis, automate and coordinate the activities of municipal and regional services, including the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and System 112. At the next stage of the program implementation, the alert system will also be connected to the platform. Local residents about forest fires, earthquakes, floods, radioactive and chemical pollution.

“The integrated platform that SITRONICS is currently implementing in Ingushetia works to ensure security in the region. The Safe City will become a single window where all the information necessary for making decisions in an emergency is collected. The operator immediately sees the situation, receives data from all monitoring systems and duty services in real time, and receives a forecast and optimal response scenarios, taking into account regulatory aspects. This saves time and resources: it gives a new speed and quality of response, which is critically important in emergencies “, – said the President of JSC SITRONICS Alexei Marukhin.

The second stage of the program implementation provides for implementation SITRONICS of integrated automation tools within the framework of a single regional platform “Safe City” in all municipal districts of the Republic by 2021. In addition to a unified system of intelligent video surveillance, which will be expanded to 550 cameras, all municipalities will be equipped with additional systems for monitoring forest fires, vital housing and communal services, meteorological monitoring, seismic control, monitoring systems and prompt notification of floods in dangerous areas.

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