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Innovations for the city: SITRONICS modernized a square garden in the Dzerzhinsky district of Novosibirsk

NOVOSIBIRSK, September 5. The expert office of SITRONICS in Novosibirsk, deployed in the spring of 2019, presented the first pilot – a square with elements of a Smart and Safe City in the Dzerzhinsky District. Through the joint efforts of the city, municipal authorities and SITRONICS as a technological partner created an innovative urban space: a green, functional, safe place for comfortable rest in the center of a rapidly growing area.

Public WiFi, integrated systems of intelligent video surveillance and video analytics, notification systems, terminals for emergency communication and charging for electric self-service zones with WiFi SITRONICS has integrated Smart and Safe city digital services. In September, on the site of a vacant lot next to the metro, at the intersection of a number of pedestrian routes at once, a demo zone of a multifunctional park was opened: this is a green resting place for residents of the district, and a convenient and safe pedestrian area at any time of the day, and a modern well-equipped platform for holding events is an example of creating a high-quality urban environment in a big city.

“Today SITRONICS has invested in a flexible high-quality infrastructure that will allow changing the set of services without replacing the main equipment, the city will be able to use the supports for decades. With the help of technology, we have combined the desire of the administration to give the district more green zones, the desire of residents to have a high-quality recreation area within walking distance, and the desire of young people to receive modern city services such as WiFi or charging for electric transport. SITRONICS technological solutions turn an ordinary square into a multifunctional and safe space where you can relax, work, charge your phone and even a scooter, and, if necessary, ask the city services for help”, – said Alexei Marukhin, President of SITRONICS JSC, at the square’s opening ceremony.

The supports installed in the square on Koshurnikova are a universal multi-module solution, optimal taking into account the tasks set by the city. A smart video surveillance system recognizes intruders, notices orphaned things and notifies the police, an intelligent lighting system reacts to the weather and saves electricity, emergency communication terminals help you instantly get help in case of an incident, and color and sound support helps you navigate in case of an emergency. Novotelecom provides free WiFi in the park.

SITRONICS in Novosibirsk is planning to implement a pilot of an intelligent transport system in one of the busiest districts of the city by the end of the year. As a reminder, in the spring of 2019, SITRONICS selected as a strategic partner of the city of Novosibirsk for the implementation of digital solutions. Together with the city, SITRONICS is working on the creation of a unified urban management platform and the implementation of the Smart City project roadmap. At the regional level, SITRONICS is a partner of the Novosibirsk region in the implementation of the digital component of national projects.

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