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Technoprom — 2019: SITRONICS has reported on the progress of pilots in the region

At the International Forum Technoprom — 2019, SITRONICS presented solutions for a Smart and Safe City and reported on its work in the Novosibirsk region. The first pilot – an innovative park with intelligent video surveillance systems, chargers for scooters and WiFi – started in the Dzerzhinsky district of Novosibirsk. The next step is the pilot of an intelligent transport system; he will appear in the city before the end of the year.

NOVOSIBIRSK, 19.09.2019. Strategic partner of Novosibirsk and the region for the implementation of digital solutions for the implementation of national projects, SITRONICS demonstrated complex solutions for a Smart and Safe city at Technoprom-2019: an intelligent system for preventing accidents at pedestrian crossings and a universal modular support that allows integrating a number of smart services at once.

“The task of SITRONICS is to offer the city and the region complex technological solutions in the field of transport, housing and communal services, medicine, education, which, regardless of the industry, will work to create a comfortable and safe urban environment. Our approach allows us to integrate digital technologies at any stage of maturity of physical and digital infrastructure, the same supports in the square on Koshurnikova – a universal solution that interacts with emergency and utilities services, and a long-term investment – the functionality of the support can at any time be adapted to new tasks without replacement of the main equipment “, – said Alexandra Shchipacheva, Business Development Director of JSC SITRONICS, during a round table dedicated to the digital transformation of urban space.

In early September, the supports were installed in the park in the Dzerzhinsky district of Novosibirsk: a comfortable and safe zone for recreation and events with WiFi, smart cameras and lighting, video analytics and notification systems, emergency communication terminals and chargers for gadgets appeared on the site of the former wasteland.

“Smart City for us is not just IT technologies, but an integrated platform that solves real urban problems, improves the urban infrastructure and, as a result, significantly improves the quality of life of citizens, ” – said Alexander Lyulko, Head of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Novosibirsk Mayor’s Office during a discussion on the digital transformation of socio-economic systems.

At Technoprom-2019, SITRONICS also demonstrated an intelligent traffic accident prevention system – one of the parts of the city’s global intelligent transport system that automates traffic and public transport management. SITRONICS showed how the pedestrian detection system works at a smart crossing with a photo and video recording system. The pilot of the intelligent transport system will be implemented in one of the busiest districts of Novosibirsk by the end of the year.

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