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Strategic Froum 2019: SITRONICS became a partner of the Consortium Leontief Center — AV Group

At the annual Forum of Strategists dedicated to the implementation of strategies and complex projects for the development of cities and regions of Russia, JSC SITRONICS signed an agreement with the Consortium Leontief Center – AV Group. The subject of the agreement was joint participation in the development and implementation of projects in the regions to achieve national development goals.

The SITRONICS Expert Office, which provides regional authorities with support in the formation and implementation of comprehensive strategies for the development of entities, and the Leontief Center Consortium – AV Group (LC-AV), which develops strategic documents for cities and regions of Russia, announced their intention to work together on the implementation of complex projects in a number of sectors of the economy.

Partners will join forces in creating effective models of digital development of the regions. LC-AV is a platform for key strategic developments and has unique expertise in promoting advanced quality standards for socio-economic research in cities and regions of Russia. SITRONICS will act as a partner in the formation of digital strategies and propose technological solutions for replacing industry mechanisms of management with digital tools and business processes.

“Transition to digital is not a trivial task. The effects of the introduction of platform communications on the part of the state will be expressed both in the growth of quantitative indicators and in indirect social effects, which are largely facilitated by the growth of public confidence, transparency in management, and convenience in communications. We are talking not only about a new technological infrastructure, but also about a new way of managing, building relationships with subjects and objects of the economy. SITRONICS, as an architect of digital platforms, is already actively working with a number of regions on these issues, and we are pleased to join forces in the field of strategic planning with such a strong partner as the Leontief Center – AV Group ”, – said at the signing Elena Shulgina, Vice-President of the JSC SITRONICS.

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