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Sitronics Group entered the top three largest providers of video surveillance solutions in 2020

Total net sales of the top 10 players on the market of video surveillance in 2020 amounted to 20.5 billion roubles. It is almost three times more than in 2019 (7.2 billion roubles).

Sitronics ranks as the third of those with 2.6 billion roubles vs. 1.7 billion roubles in 2019.

The share of the first five companies in the top 10 has not changed significantly as compared to the previous year. It makes up 84%.

The top 10 entry threshold has increased from 55 million roubles to 209 million roubles, so it is almost four times as high. On average, the 2020 year players earned 49% more than in 2019.

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