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Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles presented in Kazan

Accelerating the transition to electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles is a global trend. Experts predict that in 5 years they will account for the majority of cars sold in the world. What is the reason for the growth in the use of electric transport?

Total a single combustion engine bus emits almost 90 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year. Electric vehicles will significantly reduce emissions. However, for the development of environmentally friendly electric transport, conditions must also be created. Including a developed electric charging infrastructure. A comprehensive solution for this is presented by the Sitronics Group together with the manufacturer of charging stations. A digital control platform has been developed. How the equipment and system works was shown in Kazan during the international salon “SpecTransExpo 2021”.

From zero to full charge in five hours. The station for night use has a capacity of 22 kilowatts. Moreover, the express charge station for quick refueling has a capacity of 50 kilowatts. There are Russian and international certificates of conformity. The equipment is suitable for both personal and public transport.

Karim Kuzakhmetov, Vice President of the Sitronics Group

We are currently launching several projects. In particular, in Nizhny Novgorod we are converting one of the municipal routes to electric traction. In the form of a small rolling stock. We believe that this direction is very promising. We are an operator who builds infrastructure, helps to manage, through the development of special applications.

The mobile application will help electric bus drivers plan refueling times, and the monitoring system will monitor the status of charging stations and inform about it in a timely manner service department of the company. In addition, the development of measures to support the owners of electric vehicles, in which the company also participates, will contribute to its active distribution in the regions and reduce the environmental load. The development of electric transport is one of the areas of the federal project “Clean Air” within the framework of the national project “Ecology”.

Vadim Struminsky, Renat Sakhibgareev

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