Virtualization platform

Russian solution for the efficient operation of computing systems and centralized management of IT infrastructure

Russian product
Entered in the Register of Russian Software under No. 16518 dated 03.02.2023
Proprietary design
Efficient business solution
Virtualization platform overview
What does the platform contain?

Solution options

  1. Virtualization platform

    Virtualization platform is on the Register of Russian Software (No. 16518)
    Solution for the efficient operation of computing systems and management of IT infrastructure.
  2. Sitronics Box: servers + virtualization

    Comprehensive solution consisting of pretested hardware and virtualization platform.
  3. Sitronics Capsule

    Providing virtual capacities as a ready-to-use subscription service.


Key platform specifications
High availability of virtual machines and dynamic resource allocation
Comprehensive virtual machine lifecycle management, including adding resources on-the-fly
Integrated performance and health monitoring for virtual machines and their components
Windows and Linux guest operating systems
Live virtual machines migration across data centers
Virtual machines transfer across virtualization systems
Fault-tolerant management system
Licensing: unlimited number of cores, useful storage in terabytes
Role-based authentication and administration model
Resource pool management
Virtual environment snapshots
Access and control API
Available integration with VDI solutions
Integration with third-party security and data protection tools
Domestic support 9/5 (24/7 with on-site visits as an option)
Software-defined distributed data storage system
High availability, fault-tolerant management
Unlimited useful storage capacity in terabytes
Archiving, backup and recovery
Integration with third-party DSS and BUS
Hosting of virtual machines on external DSS
Establishing a multi-tier software-defined storage
Implementing an object software-defined storage
Scalable power and capacity
Addition of hosts and drives to management
Support of multiple platforms based on x86 / x64, guest and certified OS
Live migration of virtual machines
Rules for virtual machines hosting
Import of virtual machines
Command prompt control option
External and network features
Distributed switching and network configuration
Performance and operability monitoring dashboard
Integration with third-party monitoring systems
Smart notifications for administrators
Gathering of system and virtual machine status data

Documentation and certificates

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