Sitronics video analytics platform

Russian designed video analytics platform for security, analytics of production and workflow, and monitoring of transport and human behavior.

Entered in the Register of Russian Software under No. 16518 dated 03.02.2023
Proprietary design
Efficient business solution
The platform analyzes video streams from cameras in online mode, identifies events, notifies, collects statistics and generates reports.
Video analytics platform overview
What does
the platform contain?
VMS capabilities and out-of-the-box computer vision modules that cover more than 80% of business needs. Customized user analytics can be added as an option.
Quick system deployment and model training

basic modules

Occurrence of weapons in the frame
Tracking of moving objects
Human presence in hazardous areas
Lack of personal protection equipment
Detector of abandoned objects
Visitors counter
Crossing the control line
Inactivity detection
Smoke and open fire detection
Brawl detection
Queue detector
Damaging, covering or turning away a surveillance camera
Absence of employee from the workplace
Facility heat map
Recognition of vehicle license plates and railway car numbers

Platform capabilities

Monitoring of manufacturing process
Monitoring of hazardous situations, including detection of smoke or open fire
Monitoring of people moving across the property and activities in hazardous areas
Storage of freeze-frames and violation description in the database
Monitoring the use of personal protection equipment
Constant monitoring of occupational safety at work
Generation of reports and analytics
Sling condition monitoring during loading and unloading operations
Border security monitoring
Detection of weapons in the frame
Face identification
Access control and vehicle accounting
Detection of abandoned items
Monitoring of personnel and human behavior
Ensuring occupational safety in accordance with the law
Detection of dangerous behavior, including conflict situations
Tracking of smoking in unsuitable areas
Sleeping at the workplace
Photo and video shooting of restricted premises
Detecting and tracking of personnel
Face identification, personnel counter and monitoring of their presence at the workplace
Evaluation of work performance and completion
Monitoring of compliance to working time standards
Monitoring of work areas and preventing emergencies
Identification of static and dynamic areas
Monitoring of visitors and queues
Generation of heat maps
Equipment condition monitoring
(maintenance and repair)
Monitoring the external condition of equipment as well as predicting the condition of equipment in order to prevent emergencies
Monitoring of operating modes and maintenance schedules
Remote readout for offline devices
Production quality
Optical inspection and automatic defect detection
Minimization of defective parts
Surface inspection, defect detection
Appearance control of raw materials and products
Granulometric composition analysis
Diagnostics of manufacturing deviations
Optical recognition of numeric and alphabetic characters
Recognition of bulging and low-contrast labels on textured and rounded surfaces
Recognition of railway car numbers and vehicle license plates
Tracking moving objects
Trajectory identification
Average speed identification

What tasks does the platform solve?

Control of PPE
and hazardous areas
  • Detecting lack of PPE (vests, helmets, goggles)
  • Monitoring the correct use of PPE
  • Detecting human presence in hazardous areas
  • Detection of smoke conditions, smoke-fog, and fire
  • Detection of fire extinguishers
  • Detection of abandoned items / littering
of dangerous behavior
  • Brawls and weapon detection
  • Detection of human falling / immobility
  • Detection of smoking in unsuitable areas
security control
  • The platform’s software allows to monitor the user defined boundaries of the facility
  • Detection of abandoned objects
Access control
and vehicle accounting
  • Management of vehicle admission to the territory
  • Vehicle accounting
  • Recording of transported cargo
Experience and expertise
Deep industry competencies, as well as experience in implementing video surveillance and video analytics solutions at social facilities and industrial enterprises
Round-the-clock monitoring
Video analytics system provides a highly accurate 24/7 monitoring of safety compliance
Baseline platform modules
Cover 80% of business needs
Customized user analytics
Design of unique solutions that can be easily adapted to the tasks, working conditions and existing infrastructure of the production facility

Results of implementation

Production and workflow performance increase
Product quality increase
Compliance with regulations for: inspection routes, presence in hazardous areas, etc.
Reduction of occupational injuries, accidents and incidents
Management of access to hazardous areas
Increase of the efficiency of employee search in case of emergencies
Reduction of PPE costs by monitoring the PPE completeness and wear time
Increase of labor efficiency through unbiased evaluation of employee performance and leveraging working time in motivational programs
Traffic management at closed territories
Prompt response to threats, and identification of threat sources in crowded areas
Increase of service level in queues, at social facilities and places providing customer and client service
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