Sitronics projects

The company has expertise in development and implementation of IT projects for target customers as part of the import substitution strategy in Russia.

Types of activity

Design, inspection, development
Adaptation, modification (including localization, customization, revision), modernization
Updating, installation, integration, setup, configuration, implementation
Maintenance, testing, trials, technical support, service (including administration)
Programs for electronic computing machines
Databases, including updates and patches
Visual user interfaces regardless of the class and type of software
Hardware and software systems
Electronic and radioelectronic products, including computer equipment, computing hardware, networking, telecommunications and peripheral equipment
Information and telecommunication infrastructure: computer systems that integrate computer equipment, computer programs, databases, communication and data transfer technologies
Data centers
Cloud infrastructure
Information Security Tools
Rendering services and performing works for needs assessment, gathering of technical requirements, preparation and implementation of projects for automation and digitalization of processes and manufactures
Wholesale supplies of IT equipment, including hardware and software packages, IT infrastructure equipment, as well as their components
Implementation of computer programs and information security software tools, including updates and changes

Target customers

  • Federal and municipal budgetary institutions
  • Companies with over 50% government share
  • Oil and gas, transportation and other companies

Company details

Legal address
2nd floor, unit I, room 59, 42с1, Generala Alekseeva Avenue, Silino municipal district, intra-city area of the federal city of Moscow, 109316, Russia