Sitronics IT

Russian IT company specializing in development and integration of software products and services.
Sitronics IT builds complex software systems that include:
Firmware for microcontrollers and microprocessors
Software for communication gateways and switches
Software for personal computers
Software for mobile devices
Cloud software services
The merger with Scientific Logistic Center allowed to aggregate the country's best professionals specializing in software development for logistic systems.

In 2022, the first stand-alone division of Sitronics IT was created in Voronezh, gathering highly qualified specialists in development, installation, testing, maintenance and adaptation of industrial software.
Sitronics IT supports programming contests hosted by Voronezh State University (VSU) on a regular basis.

Projects and solutions of Sitronics IT

Logistics Projects

Creation of software systems providing operation of functional subsystems of the Unified Digital Services Platform for the Northern Sea Route
Software development for multimodal logistics, including:
Management, optimization and control of all logistic processes
IT and integration
Weather risk management: flight planning, routing, situational center organization, company performance analytics, generation of logistics plans.
1С-based logistics platform, integratable into the company’s existing IT architecture. Seamless integration of any 1C systems:
External ERP systems
Monitoring systems: AIS, GPS and others
Maritime port systems
Warehouse systems
Contractor systems
Hydrometeorological and ice services for monitoring and forecasting

Key projects

  • Platforms for optimization of business processes in the oil and gas sector
  • Development of the IoT data collection platform
  • Development of information systems, development of electric charging infrastructure
  • Development of terrestrial satellite infrastructure
  • Development of the drone flight control center
  • Development of the system for counting passengers at marine terminals
  • Development of proprietary geoinformation system

Company details

Legal address
32k31 Volgogradsky Prospekt, Yuzhnoportovy municipal district, intra-city area of the federal city of Moscow, 109316, Russia