Sitronics Locus

Comprehensive solution for industrial safety and efficient manufacture.

Designed to provide real-time personnel monitoring, as well as to control assets, vehicle movement and contractor activities.

What is
Sitronics Locus

The solution is based on a scalable technology platform, enabling enterprises to significantly optimize their workflows.
Sitronics Locus
Platform Review

What tasks does the platform solve?

Monitoring and providing industrial safety
24/7 monitoring
Monitoring of compliance to safety rules
Occupational health monitoring
Reduction of injuries and accidents at work, including monitoring of personnel entering hazardous and restricted areas
Optimization of personnel management systems
Scheduling and resource allocation
Monitoring of people, equipment and goods
Tracking of people and objects in the production workshop and in the premises with positioning accuracy of up to 0.5 m
Personnel tracking and performance increase
Automated accounting of working time and workflow
Logs, data analysis and reports
Production efficiency control
Equipment condition monitoring (maintenance & repair)
Monitoring and control of technical malfunctions, amount of cargo in vehicles, drivers’ schedules of work and rest, route tracks and ETA
Production progress monitoring and inspection routes control

Operation principle

The platform receives location data from the Sitronics Locus mobile app or from a personal tracker
Additional sensors read telemetry from a person and transmit them to the platform along with the physical parameters of the environment
The platform can be used to create movement routes and place additional control points, collecting all the movement information in a work area
Analytics module provides information with all kinds of breakdowns, generates static and dynamic reports
Automatic and manual monitoring
Talk-back communication for operator and employees


Indoor / outdoor positioning
Precise positioning: up to 0.5 m
Enhanced platform logic with advanced algorithms and libraries
Fast processing of large datasets (> 10,000 sources)
Flexible, multivariate customizable reporting with advanced analytical dashboards
Intuitive interface with a well-designed UX
Fast delivery thanks to established and optimized logistics
Import-independent: developed completely in Russia


Performance increase
Efficient personnel management
Control of production workflow, as well as maintenance & repair
Production efficiency increase
Ensuring industrial safety; reduction of the number of injuries, manufacturing accidents and emergencies
Streamlined machinery and equipment control across the territory
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