Goals and principles

Sitronics Group is a dynamically developing Russian IT company.

We are committed to accelerating digital transformation across industries and have proven to be a successful and trusted market player that builds long-term relationships with all stakeholders.

Sitronics Group values ​​the trust of its customers and partners, so our business cannot exist without strict adherence to the principles of business ethics.
Simultaneously with promotion in the IT services market, we are building an effective compliance system: the company is responsible for choosing new partners, respects the principles and rules of our vendors, and also maintains standards of business conduct in relations with stakeholders.

We join a community of compliance-oriented like-minded people who are guided by the principles of ethics, honesty and integrity in their work.
Николай Пожидаев
Nikolai Pozhidaev
President of Sitronics Group
Information Security
Sitronics Group conducts its business based on exemplary global standards in the field of information security. The company’s top priority is to ensure the security of information and physical assets.

Our information security policy is aimed at ensuring corporate security in the IT environment. The qualitative & quantitative risk management model forms the core of our comprehensive information security system.

We follow the principles of integrity, reliability, reasonable sufficiency and continuity in protecting against threats in the information security area, observing these principles at all stages of work.

We guarantee full-scale protection of personal data of our clients and employees, as well as commercial secret information in compliance with Russian Federation legislation.
Corporate Documents
Code of Conduct and Business Ethics
Anti-corruption Policy