SITRONICS telecom products are designed and produced in Russia.  The price includes network management system, extended warranty and software update.

Pico small cell

Pico small cell is a «mini» version of full-functional LTE base station. 
Pico provides stable and faultless indoor LTE network coverage and fast internet access inside buildings of any size. Pico small cell supports two frequency bands 1800 and 2600 MHz and can be easily integrated in existing LTE network infrastructure. More frequency bands could be supported on customer’s demand. Pico capacity is up to 128 active users.

Pico NMS

Network Management System provides all necessary functions to successful deployment and operation of Pico base stations. 

NMS is 3GPP and ITU compliant solution that operates either stand-alone or integrated with other operators management systems.

Capacity transfer repeater

Capacity transfer repeater is a carrier-grade radio electronic equipment that provides GSM Network coverage in hard-to-reach areas at a distance of 30 kilometers from existing base station.

It has extremely low power consumption - up to 5 times less than macro base station. It is possible to make a chain of three repeaters with coverage in every relay point.

The device is made in all-weather, anti-vandal metal case and has operation temperature from minus 40 to plus 50 degrees.

Using capacity transfer repeater saves up to 80% of budget for GSM network coverage in hard-to-reach areas using capacity transfer repeaters instead of macro base stations.

Reduce costs using RAN sharing between two operators.

Mobile complex Biathlon–ВS

Biathlon-BS is an independent mobile base station and mobile core.

Effectively provides mobile network coverage at emergency zones or mass events: air shows, offsite forums and conferences, concerts and festivals.

Mobile complex based on terrain vehicle ensures easy access to destination area.

Success stories

Creation of cellular network for Indian mobile operator Shyam Telelink. 7 508 base stations CDMA 2000 and 2 819 base stations 1xEV-DO.