Integrated security systems

We design and implement anti-criminal, anti-terrorist, anti-vandal, technological, information and economic security systems. We define real threats, estimate their probability and possible losses.

We protect communication channels, introduce access control, video surveillance and fire alarm systems. We propose integrated comprehensive solutions at all stages of system development.

We create video system for technological processes control and site monitoring. We register cars driving through checkpoints, compare license plate numbers and images at entrance and exit, automatically check pass or waybill availability in database.

We protect site perimeter by fences with built-in video cameras or sensors that recognize people and vehicles at a distance of up to 3 km. We install monitoring cameras with automatic fixation of object condition.

We protect checkpoints by barriers, retractable roadblocks, anti-ram bollards and gates. We monitor temperature, fires and smoke indoors. Automatically suppress fires and remove smoke.

We monitor engineering systems and protect communication channels from unauthorized access.

Success stories

  • Video surveillance in Moscow educational institutions
  • E2E solution (Core) for Moscow traffic organization center
  • Mobile data processing center for Federal Grid Company