Intelligent transport system

Intelligent transport system by SITRONICS analyses traffic flows and increases road capacity for 20% due to traffic lights automatic correction.

Fixes speed limit excess, road signs and marking violation, weight and dimension violations.

Monitor weather conditions and corrects road services work. Shows traffic jams on electronic displays along roads.

Innovations incorporated in the system provide transport systems modeling and traffic flows control.

Intelligent transport system effective performance results in high level of awareness and safety of consumers, as well as a new level of interaction between road users.

FLEX software

Integrates existing control systems and new elements of Intelligent transport system.

Collects and analyzes information on traffic congestions, adapts traffic lights’ modes and monitors correct operation of traffic control means.

Unified information area for road network situation control.

Mobile complex Biathlon–S

Fixes speed limit excess, wrong side driving, road signs and marking violations. Recognizes vehicles’ license plates.

In 2013 SITRONICS team implemented Intelligent transport system in Moscow.

In 3 years major highways congestion decreased by 15%. Public transport time en route reduced for 25%. Number of accidents decreased for 20%.


major highways congestion 


public transport time en route


number of accidents