Smart city

Smart city complex provides streamlined and effective solution of complex tasks in terms of public safety and order. Integrated Smart city platform provides information and support to local authorities  for decision making in 24/7 operation. Reduces the number of offenses by a third, shortens emergency services response time by 25%, decreases accident rate and increases roads capacity.

Integration platform «Smart city» consolidates information from urban video surveillance systems, photo and video enforcement systems and response services. Collects and processes information on traffic and public order violations, industrial and natural disasters. Coordinates work of rescue and emergency services as well as commercial and public organizations.

Situation center monitors potentially dangerous facilities condition, forecasts and alerts emergency situations.

Public transport automated management system was introduced in Moscow in 2013.

Success stories

In 2013 SITRONICS team launched Public transport automated management system in Moscow.

The system was created for effective passenger transportation management, incident response and urban services performance coordination.

Video  surveillance and monitoring system controls driver’s work on the route, receives and processes information on traffic situation at emergencies and accidents study. Provides video and audio data for analysis of situations dangerous to passengers’ safety.