Company profile

SITRONICS JSC designs, develops and introduces products and solutions for public sector customers, mobile operators, enterprises and holdings.

R&D center and lab

We develop and test radio equipment, carry out climatic and functional tests, analyze electromagnetic compatibility. We test software and hardware systems. We take measurements for certification.

Intelligent transport system

Manages city traffic, fixes traffic violations, monitors road safety.

Smart city

Smart city platform reduces the number of offenses by a third, shortens emergency services response time by 25%, decreases accident rate and increases roads capacity.

Integrated security systems

We design and implement anti-criminal, anti-terrorist, anti-vandal, technological, information and economic security systems. We define real threats, estimate their probability and possible losses.

Smart grids

Solutions for sufficient energy saving, lighting equipment life extension, lighting systems maintenance costs reduction and comfortable light environment.


SITRONICS telecom products are created in Russia based on own IPR using cutting-edge telecommunications technologies.  Ready-made proven solutions for expanding network capacity, providing stable and faultless indoor LTE network coverage inside buildings of any size and providing coverage to remote and hard-to-reach areas where base stations installation is either technically difficult or cost-inefficient. 

Board of Directors

  • Chairman
  • Alexey Katkov
  • Members
  • Pavel Kuznetsov
  • Anatoly Panarin
  • Andrey Ushatskiy
  • Anna Shakirova



  • President
  • Alexey Marukhin
200 Location: Moscow Operations: worldwide people in the team
Location: Moscow
Operations: worldwide
people in the team